Steel Arches For Holme Tunnel

Automatically Opening Grab Bucket

Daw Mill Mineshaft Cover

London Sewage Treatment Works – Access Steelwork

A key part of this work has been the bending and fabrication of all the structural steel for the project, nearly 100 elegant but extremely strong arches made specifically to fit inside the tunnel.

ECS Engineering Services was commissioned to translate aged imperial dimensioned drawings for a legacy design of a complicated, automatically operating, grab bucket.
A major part of this work has involved filling in the 2 mineshafts, which required a specially engineered cover plate to be constructed.
ECS Engineering Services has been contracted to provide all of the access steelwork during the construction of new sludge blending tanks.

Hinkley Sewage Treatment Works – Hand Railing

New Weir Gate Refurbishment

Paris Philharmonic Structural steelwork

Erith Cycle/footbridge Steel Bridge

ECS Engineering Services has been entrusted with the task of replacing all the hand railing at the Hinckley site in Leicestershire.

New weir gates fabricated by ECS Engineering Services, have been installed to replace the old wooden sections.
ECS won the contract to supply 307 tonnes of steelwork which will form part of the roof structure.
The bridge was fabricated by ECS, measuring eight metres long by four metres wide and consisted of the main deck and a steel parapet that was bolted on later in the project.

Foss Barrier Fabricated Steel Frame

Pleasely Bridge Improves Activity Centre Access

Custom steel stillage pallets for Sellafield nuclear site

Tank & pump skid supports Sellafield demolition project

ECS has provided the 100 tonne fabricated steel frame for the pump hall, plus a further 30 tonnes of steelwork for the Control Room

ECS Engineering Services has delivered a turnkey project for a footbridge that will provide much improved access to an outdoor activity centre.

To support decommissioning operations at Sellafield in Cumbria, ECS Engineering Services has fabricated two custom steel stillage pallets for a Tier 1 contractor providing equipment for the project.

ECS Engineering Services has supported a challenging chimney demolition project at Sellafield.

Modular test rig structure at nuclear power station

ECS fabricates shielded overpacks for nuclear decommissioning

ECS Engineering Services has supported a major nuclear industry client by manufacturing and installing a large access platform and screening panels for a test rig.

Continuing its support of the nuclear industry with bespoke fabrications, ECS Engineering Services has produced 50 shielded overpacks for Magnox Ltd.

Flap Valve

Rotary Sluices

Tilting Sluice

Flap Valve install

Supply and install a 3 tonne flap valve and frame and grout to the headwall.

The new stainless steel rotary sluice was procured by ECS and transported to the site.
ECS undertook the overhaul of a tilting sluice gate for the Environment Agency. A stop log and over pumping system was installed to allow safe access for removal of the gate and to ensure continued flow in the channel.
ECS installed two 2mx2m Fluid Control HDPE composite flap valves incorporating fish friendly outlets, to give a low maintenance solution.

Lock Upgrade

Mooring Stages

Mill Beck Flood Defence Scheme

Weed Screens

ECS designed, fabricated and installed a hydraulically operated set of relief paddles that were integrated into the existing lock gate structure and assembled as a single constituent part.

The galvanised steel main decks gave a simple, rigid and durable platform. To this were mounted GRP deck panels with an anti-slip grit surface ideal for the wet environment. KLP recycled plastic was used for the fender material to give a long, maintenance-free lifecycle coupled with good impact resistance properties to protect the end users’ boats.
ECS was responsible for the installation of the penstock and the new control kiosk, which is located on higher ground to avoid the flood water.
ECS can replace, refurbish and upgrade existing infrastructure to provide safe access to the weed screen, including steps in steel, concrete or timber, as required to complement the site’s local environment.

Automated Weed Screen

Romney and Marlow Lock gates

Colwick Sluice Semi – automated Stoplog Deployment system

Lumley Mill Penstock

The EA brought in ECS Engineering Services to deliver an improved, more reliable solution which would reduce maintenance costs and provide an automated weedscreen solution.

ECS Engineering Services has won the contract to replace the lock gates at both Marlow and Romney locks on the River Thames.
ECS Engineering Services has installed a new semi-automated stoplog deployment system which provides the EA with ‘dry’ access to the sluice gate mechanism, speeding up operations considerably.
ECS Engineering Services has recently completed the installation of a new three-gate sluice as part of local improvements to the flood prevention scheme.

Skellyton Archimedes Screw Pump Refurbishment

Frisby Fish Belly Gate

Parrent Sowy Tilting Wier

Lukes Point Archimedes Screw Pump replacement

The task of replacing the bottom bearings and re-screeding the concrete trough was completed by ECS Engineering Services, which is supported by the pump manufacturer Landustrie.

When a fish belly water control gate was identified for replacement, ECS was tasked to remove and replace the existing equipment as well as fabricating and installing a complete set of stop logs to allow periodic maintenance of the control gate.
ECS Engineering Services has supplied and installed a new tilting weir as part of the water level control system.
A contract was issued for the replacement of this equipment and it was awarded, in part, to ECS and its partner Landustrie, a leading manufacturer of Archimedes screw pumps.

Hardman Fish and Eel passes

Romney Lock Gates

Marlow Gates

Old Windsor Radial wier Gates

Part of the programme involves the installation of fish and eel passes on river structures such as weirs and sluices which can restrict their migratory path.

The Environment Agency (EA) has replaced the lock gates at Romney. This complex part of the project was delivered by ECS Engineering Services as a turnkey solution that involved considerable inhouse design and steel fabrication work.
The Environment Agency (EA) has replaced the lock gates at Marlow. This complex part of the project was delivered by ECS Engineering Services as a turnkey solution that involved considerable inhouse design and steel fabrication work.
ECS Engineering Services secured a contract to supply eight radial weir gates to the Environment Agency (EA) as part of a project to improve the Old Windsor Weir on the River Thames.

Stroud Lift Bridge

Mapledurham FRP Bridge

Caversham Weir Sluice gates and Eel pass

Mansfield Archimedes Screw Pump replacement

ECS Engineering Services has completed a complex, turnkey project to manufacture and install a new lifting road bridge over a canal that will increase the navigable length of the canal whilst also improving heavy goods access to local businesses.

ECS was recently commissioned by the Environment Agency to design, supply and install a new bridge at their site at Mapledurham on the river Thames. Unlike traditional bridge structures however, this one is made from an innovative, maintenance free, composite material with a 50 year guarantee.
ECS Engineering Services has continued its involvement in the Environment Agency’s multi-million pound investment along the River Thames – by installing three stainless steel sluice gates and an eel pass at Caversham Lock.
When three Archimedes screw pumps at the inlet of Severn Trent Water’s Mansfield Sewage Treatment Works required replacement, NMCNomenca contacted ECS Engineering Services to source and install new pumps.

Peakirk Improved Flood Defences

Peakirk Mitre Gates


Cookham Weir Gates

ECS Engineering Services has delivered a full renovation of Peakirk pumping station on the River Welland on behalf of the Environment Agency, Work carriedout has included the refurbishment of the station’s pointing doors; the installation of an adjustable stoplog and automated weed screen; a renovation of the pumping station plus an inspection and overhaul of existing pumps on-site.

ECS Engineering Services carried out a comprehensive refurbishment of mitre gates at a pumping station.
A recent project in South Yorkshire involved the replacement of four Archimedes screwpumps that had achieved over 30 years in service.
ECS were contacted by Jackson Civil Engineers, working for the Environment Agency to replace 10 weir gates and install two fish passes at Cookham Weir.

Romney Weir Radial Gates

Keadby Weedscreen

Candy Farm Weed Screen Cleaner

Kytra Lockgates replacement

ECS Engineering Services has continued its work on the Environment Agency’s Romney Weir by fabricating nine radial gates for use at the facility.

ECS Engineering Services has replaced and updated a large span automatic weed screen cleaner at the site to increase flood resilience for the Environment Agency.
ECS Engineering Services is to replace the automated trash screen cleaner grab units at the Environment Agency’s Candy Farm North and Candy Farm South pumping stations near Doncaster.
ECS Engineering Services has been awarded a contract by Scottish Canals, to design and install four lock gates at Kytra Lock on the Caledonian Canal.

Foss Barrier Fabricated Steel Frame

Shardlow Pumping station upgrade

Trent Soar Outfall

Shield Hall Archimedes screw pumps

ECS has provided the 100 tonne fabricated steel frame for the pump hall, plus a further 30 tonnes of steelwork for the Control Room.

ECS appraised the options for new pump selection, based on nstalled costs and performance and made a suggestion of a canister pump design that provided an increased flowrate with a reduced power requirement of only 16 kW, a significant energy saving over the life of the upgraded pumps.
ECS Engineering Services has installed three new winches for opening culvert flap valves or gates at Sawley Bank in Nottinghamshire, part of the Trent Soar Outfall system.
ECS has been installing and commissioning 14 new screw pumps at the Shieldhall water treatment works.

Automated Weed Cleaner Witham

The two Archimedes screws at the inlet works have proven the durability of this pump type. These essential pieces of plant each measure 20 metres in length, 3.1 metres in diameter and weigh 21 tonnes with a 3645 litres per second capacity.

A new Landustrie weed screen cleaner installed by ECS Engineering Services at the Short Ferry pumping station on the River Witham

Tipping trays

Maintenance Services foir NICMM

Matlock Pump Station Refurbishment

Improving Pumping Efficiency with new Landustrie Pump

ECS Engineering Services were commissioned by one of the largest water utilities in the UK to provide automated washdown facilities for storm channels at a rural site.

ECS Engineering Services has been responsible for maintaining the pumps and the treatment works for the past 18 years.
ECS Engineering Services replaced pumps at a site in Matlock, Derbyshire. The project also required some major building modifications and additional electrical work.
The new screw pump incorporates Landustrie’s fishfriendly design that has been proven to allow 98% of fish to pass through unharmed.

River Rhee Pumping Station

Repainting Colwick sluice

ECS Engineering Services, Health and Safety Video

A Winning Mine Water pump upgrade

This project covered five pumps, kiosks and motor control centres (MCCs) had reached the end of their service life and were identified for replacement.

ECS has been awarded a contract to repaint the structure on the River Trent to improve durability and reduce corrosion.
Organising safety training and demonstration exercises such as this ensures that if our safety measures ‘are’ called upon, then they are realised with the same reliability and professionalism that we bring to delivering every turnkey electrical or mechanical project we complete.
It involved renewing and upgrading the pumps, motor control centre and electrical infrastructure at ‘A’ Winning.

Temple Lock refurbishment

The project included replacement of the lock gate sluice valves, and timber fenders as well as installation of two new access ladders and refurbishment of the lock doors themselves.

Rickmansworth Recycled Plastic Footbridge

Kiora FRP Footbridge

Candy Farm Automated Trash Cleaner

Romney Wier Radial gates

ECS Engineering Services, was tasked with removing the existing footbridge and installing the new maintenance-free bridge designed and manufactured by ECS from recycled plastic and a steel sub-frame.

ECS proposed installing an FRP bridge deck coupled with a galvanised and powdercoated steel parapet hand railing to boost the service life of the structure.
Landustrie’s R71-6 units. These have grab widths of 1000- 1200mm, a hoisting capacity of 700 kg and work to a depth of 8.3 metres.
ECS was contracted to produce one 2.38m wide x 1.13m high and eight 2.68m wide x 4.43m high radial gates for installation by their in-house engineers at the weir.

FRP Bridges River Brent

Deployable Bridges Scottish Canals

Pumping Station Rebuild Witham

ECS Engineering Services has installed a public access bridge in Greenford, West London, as part of the River Brent Project regeneration scheme.

ECS Engineering Services has supplied three Bailey-type bridges to Scottish Canals for use as temporary crossings

ECS Engineering Services has rebuilt the front façade of the main hall of Short Ferry Water Pumping Station on the River Witham