All fabricated steelwork produced by ECS meets the harmonised European standard BS EN 1090 and carries the CE mark up to Execution Class 4 (EXC4), which allow us to fabricate most steel structures.

The certification provides evidence of a robust Factory Production Control (FPC), which ensures traceability of every component from source through the fabrication process and to final delivery on site.

ECS works in-line within the National Structural Steelwork Specification (CE Marking Edition) and the latest industry guidelines.

Furthermore, we are active members of the British Constructional Steel Association (BCSA). The BCSA promotes good working practice within the steel industry and has made CE Marking compliance a condition of membership.

Execution Classes

Class 1 steel fabrications are suitable for farm buildings in uninhabited areas; Class 2 covers most buildings constructed in the UK (up to 15 storeys) while Class 3 is aimed squarely at bridges and stadia.  Class 4 is the most demanding, relating to structures of the highest consequence such as nuclear power stations. Classes are determined by assessing the production category (complexity), consequence class (potential risk) and service category (structural stress exerted) of a structure.

The certification is granted by an external third party and requires annual renewal. With the CE mark present, ECS customers can be sure they are receiving a suitable fabricated product, with consistent quality and total traceability.

Our approach

In adhering to our quality standards, we assess our equipment and finished fabrication quality alongside the grade of materials utilised – applying a fully integrated methodology to ensuring factory and site quality control. This ensures that we can deliver fabrications that offer the utmost performance.

We employ highly trained fabricators with years of experience, who offer the expertise to tackle a wide range of challenging fabrications. Paired with state-of-the-art facilities and the latest equipment, we can provide a consistently high-quality level from the design studio, to the fabrication facility, to final installation on-site.