ECS Engineering have the rights to design, supply and install a range of innovative, environmentally friendly and maintenance free stoplogs produced with the worldwide patented InfraCoreĀ® technology. These innovative products, made from fibre reinforced polymers (FRP), provide a very strong, durable and considerably lighter, modern day alternative to some traditional construction materials.

FRP will not breakdown or corrode, it’s resistant to moisture, salt and UV-radiation and will not decay over time. This gives reassurance that FRP stoplogs will always fit and perform their task, no matter how long they may have remained in storage.

The weight of FRP stoplogs is specially tuned to give a suitable negative buoyancy without the need to add metal sub-frames or ballast. This provides the optimum weight for each stoplog which will be considerably less than a steel or aluminium original. This reduces the load on any existing lifting gear used to install the stoplogs and minimises the requirements for new lifting equipment.

Retrofit projects can be designed to use existing concrete channels or new stainless or galvanised steel guides that can be installed by certified dive teams under the expert guidance of ECS project engineers.

FRP features excellent properties when used in marine structures such as stoplogs and lock gates. Due to the significant strength-capacity of FRP, InfraCoreĀ® Inside is competitive on initial costs compared to structures in timber and steel. When considering the design life of 100 years, the minimal amount of maintenance required and the reduced likelihood of theft, the comparison is even more overwhelmingly in favour of FRP.