ECS Engineering Services produces a variety of custom and heavy steel fabrications in a wide range of materials, from machine tool beds to nuclear control rooms, including steelwork fabrications up to CE mark Execution Class 4 (EXC4).

Custom designs can be developed by customers working with the ECS design office, with finished CAD models being passed to highly qualified engineers to create fabrication plans and drawings.

Our 50,000 sq. ft fabrication facility provides the capacity to realise large projects that also require pre-assembly.

Equipped with laser cutting, plasma cutting, CNC cutting, milling, drilling and welding facilities; the ECS engineering team employs great experience to deliver even the largest projects on time and within budget.

Utilising materials such as steel and sustainable composites, ECS offers the versatility to fabricate custom products to exacting standards for a full range of applications and environments.

Typical projects include:

  • Silos.
  • Tower crane support gantries.
  • Water control equipment, including lock gates, sluice gates, radial gate and stop logs.
  • Debris/Trash screens.
  • Bridge scrapers
  • Service risers.
  • Economisers
  • Pre-assembled plant skids.
  • Bespoke heavy machinery chassis.
  • Individual assemblies up to 25T.

Our accreditation to EXC4 ensures that our welding work is suitable for some of the most challenging and specialist projects in the structural sphere, such as bridges, stadia and power stations. Furthermore, we provide full traceability, so our customers can be 100% sure of the welding standards being applied.

An inherent welding capacity means that we can conduct a large portion of this work off-site, with welded fabrications delivered in a modular format to site, expediting final assembly and minimising disturbance locally.

For projects that require a fast response, our engineers can work flexibly, employing 24-hour schedules to complete fabrications with increased speed without ever compromising welding quality.

The proximity of our design office to our fabrication facility ensures that drawings are checked and followed with total accuracy. This methodology means that from our design engineers to our welders, our approach is integrated and consistent.

Related Case Studies

Automatically Opening Grab Bucket

New Weir Gate Refurbishment

Mooring Stages

Frisby Fish Belly Gate

ECS Engineering Services was commissioned to translate aged imperial dimensioned drawings for a legacy design of a complicated, automatically operating, grab bucket.

New weir gates fabricated by ECS Engineering Services, have been installed to replace the old wooden sections.

The galvanised steel main decks gave a simple, rigid and durable platform. To this were mounted GRP deck panels with an anti-slip grit surface ideal for the wet environment. KLP recycled plastic was used for the fender material to give a long, maintenance-free lifecycle coupled with good impact resistance properties to protect the end users’ boats.

When a fish belly water control gate was identified for replacement, ECS was tasked to remove and replace the existing equipment as well as fabricating and installing a complete set of stop logs to allow periodic maintenance of the control gate.

Kytra Lockgates replacement

Trent Soar Outfall

Romney Wier Radial gates

ECS Engineering Services has been awarded a contract by Scottish Canals, to design and install four lock gates at Kytra Lock on the Caledonian Canal.

ECS Engineering Services has installed three new winches for opening culvert flap valves or gates at Sawley Bank in Nottinghamshire, part of the Trent Soar Outfall system.

ECS was contracted to produce one 2.38m wide x 1.13m high and eight 2.68m wide x 4.43m high radial gates for installation by their in-house engineers at the weir.