Environment is vital when you are a solutions provider for multiple sectors, as adaptability and future-proof products enable the utmost level of application fulfilment. Achieving high levels of compliancy while pushing the latest developments in materials allows ECS to move in parallel with the pace of industry, guaranteeing products that attain original specification and operate efficiently.

Environment doesn’t stop at the fabrication facility. ECS design studios strives to achieve functional and aesthetically blueprints, consulting with clients regarding the options available to their project. ECS manufactures its products to ensure ease of installation, providing complete or modular solutions that can be transported by road or water. Composite bridges floated down the Thames or entire bridges lifted and installed as one section – ECS Engineering Services uses experience to motivate innovation in all levels of the design, manufacturing and installation process.


Composite Structures

Composite materials enable lighter, stronger and more sustainable structures – which is why they are heavily utilised by ECS in construction and infrastructure projects.

Structures constructed from these materials offer distinct advantages over traditional materials. Wood can offer a high quality initial finish but requires regular upkeep. Steel can corrode quickly if not properly maintained, while concrete can be ‘ugly’ when utilised in certain environments.

Infracore Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) from Fibercore Europe is another sustainable composite material employed by ECS. It is lightweight, high strength and easy to fabricate. Excellent corrosion resistance ensures it is maintenance free in application.

Composite structures can be fabricated and constructed entirely in-house by ECS. A wide variety of design options are available, allowing the realisation of structures that integrate with their environment. Due to their decreased weight, composite structures can be transported easily to site as a complete module, and then lifted onto foundations in a matter of hours. Due to the incorporation of recycled materials, composite structures have a much reduced carbon footprint compared to those employing virgin materials.


Infracore Products

InfraCore® Inside – the lightweight and durable alternative for constructing lock gates, stoplogs, bridges and bridge decks

ECS Engineering is the exclusive UK supplier and installer of a range of innovative, environmentally friendly and maintenance free products using the worldwide patented InfraCore® technology.

The Dutch company FiberCore Europe has developed a unique and standardised technology to use composite FRP material, which has market leading load bearing capabilities, up to 60 tonnes and more. This enables designers and engineers to select an alternative, environmentally friendly, low maintenance product for traditional projects and also minimise the time required to complete a project and so reduce the overall costs.

With over 300 installations across Holland, Belgium, USA and even China, manufactured with a projected lifespan of 100 years, the design principles have been well proven already. The use of this innovative material is now set to take off in the UK with such a well established, turnkey supplier such as ECS.


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