Infracore Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) from Fibercore Europe enables a truly modern solution for bridge construction. ECS Engineering Services is a UK supplier of Infracore technology, which is utilised to fabricate strong, lightweight and maintenance-free bridge structures.

As a material, FRP offers a number of inherent benefits compared to steel, concrete and wood:
• Low maintenance due to high corrosion resistance
• Can be fully prefabricated offsite to be delivered as a complete module
• Low weight, allowing ease of transport to site and reduced foundations work
• Ten times stronger than steel, more durable than wood and lighter than concrete
• Sustainable
• High anti-slip properties
• Inflammable
• 50 year warranty
• High UV resistance
• Insensitive to fatigue
• Finished with wear surface
• Can be supplied in any colour

Heavily utilised in construction projects across the world, FRP Infracore technology offers an optimum solution for road bridges, harbour bridges and bridge decks.

FRP’s high chemical resistance allows it to be utilised in marine environments with total confidence. It’s high strength and anti-slip properties ensure it is perfectly suited to bearing high loads, such as road vehicles, safely. Versatility of options allows contractors to specify a structure that truly integrates with its surroundings, a chief concern in environmentally sensitive areas.

Furthermore, the reduced weight of Infracore FRP structures allows them to be floated into position, exponentially increasing the options for installation on-site. ECS Engineering Services has floated Infracore bridges down the river Thames in such a manner, greatly reducing transportation costs.
FRP can also be easily integrated with concrete and steel structural elements, enabling end users to specify an optimum design for their bridge application. ECS Engineering Services offers FRP bridges in a wide range of sizes and options, depending on customer preference.