Archimedes screw pumps are one of the most efficient methods of pumping water and as such are employed in a wide range of applications.

As the sole UK distributor for Landustrie screw pumps, ECS has the technical support and design expertise to provide a complete support package for any brand of screw pump. From essential maintenance to complete replacement, ECS can deliver turnkey projects to keep these vital assets in optimum condition.

ECS is the official UK distributor, installation and service agent for the range of Archimedes screw pumps provided by Landustrie.

For almost a century Landustrie has been a leading company in designing, manufacturing, supplying, mounting and maintaining many types of Archimedean screw pump configurations. With a detailed screw pump selection program and qualified dedicated engineers in the UK, plus a full installation team the optimum screw pump solution can be developed for any particular application.

Applications include:

  • influent pumping stations
  • waste water treatment plants
  • intermediate pumping stations
  • return sludge pumping stations
  • irrigation projects
  • drainage projects
  • reclamation of wetlands
  • circulation within aeration systems
  • wild water tracks in fun parks
  • industrial applications
  • storm water applications

Landustrie screw pumps can be supplied in steel as well as stainless steel and mounted in concrete or steel troughs.
The screw pumps can also be delivered as completely prefabricated units.

Features of Landustrie screw pump:

  • open, clog-free, simple and robust construction
  • high efficiency
  • low maintenance
  • low operational costs
  • highly reliable
  • long lifetime
  • virtually no wear (no spare units required)
  • automatic adjustment of the pump capacity as a function of the incoming flow
  • operating in a wide range, with a capacity from 10 to 11,500 l/s and lift from 0 to 25 m
  • changes in the capacity are easy and, if necessary, stepless
  • insensitive to supply conditions and also (because of the low rpm) no problems with cavitation

ECS Water Control has a great deal of experience in Archimedes screw installation and is supported through its supply distribution agreement with Landustrie, which enables us to deliver projects of any size.

ECS offers a complete service from the initial site visit, through design, installation and commissioning. Design engineers will produce bespoke specifications for each individual application which will be installed by qualified and experienced personnel to the highest standards.

With a complete range of site services available, ECS offers a full turnkey project managed service for Archimedes screw installations including managing civils contractors, cranage and dive teams as well as supplying pipework, control and automation work to ensure that every installation is installed and commissioned to the highest standard.

Archimedes Screw

Archimedes screw pumps and generators are extremely hard wearing and can last for decades providing efficient reliable service. Some maintenance and adjustment however can also ensure a longer service life and optimum pumping or generating efficiency.

ECS offers a full maintenance and repair service for all types and brands of Archimedes screws. Common issues, especially with older designs and installations, can include bearing failure, particularly the lower bearing which remains submersed throughout it’s life. Also, the surface of concrete troughs can start to erode due to mechanical wear and damage. ECS is able to fully service and repair all bearings, screws and troughs with a fast, efficient site service team. This includes cranes, fabrication, welders, electricians and dive teams for underwater work.

Archimedes Screw

Installing and maintaining Archimedes screws requires considerable skill and expertise. Watch how ECS provided the necessary engineering skills and resources to improve the efficiency of a screw generator located on the River Thames.

ECS Screw Pump Services Video

The quality of bearings present in an Archimedes Screw Pump is directly related to the pumping efficiency and profitability of operations. As these bearings are hard to access, a low maintenance and high performance solution is required. In addition, a competent maintenance partner can exponentially improve service life.

As a turnkey service provider for Archimedes Screw pumps in the UK, ECS Engineering Services offers full support for associated top and bottom bearings. Full replacement and maintenance services are available, backed by decades of experience supporting Tier 1 Water Industry contractors.

Lower bearings on Archimedean Screw Pumps are vital to ensuring the continued performance of an installation. To provide maximum service life, ECS offers Landustrie Eco Bearings, which are zero maintenance in operation. Sealed for life and constructed from hard wearing stainless steel, Landustrie lower bearings eliminate the need for checking grease pumps or lubrication lines.

Supplied as standard with a 3 year warranty, the bearings also feature 3 dimension self-alignment, ensuring that the unit can absorb expansions and contractions triggered by varying temperature levels. Bearings can be retrofit to existing installations, dramatically improving service life and maintenance costs.

Traditional lower bearings can also be accommodated, with full refurbishment and replacement available depending on requirement.

Furthermore, ECS delivers complete support for upper bearings. Located near the motor and gearbox, these bearings require periodic maintenance, which can be carried out by ECS. Specialist services such as the installation of automatic grease cartridges can be specified to reduce maintenance demands, while also improving service life. In addition, ECS can specify and install durable replacements if required.

Assessments of bearing wear and efficiency are available for operators, which can inform maintenance or replacement strategy. Ultimately, ECS engineers will work with you to define the optimum bearing recommendations to boost efficiency, increase profitability and reduce maintenance.

Skellyton Archimedes Screw Pump Refurbishment

Lukes Point Archimedes Screw Pump replacement

Mansfield Archimedes Screw Pump replacement


The task of replacing the bottom bearings and re-screeding the concrete trough was completed by ECS Engineering Services, which is supported by the pump manufacturer Landustrie.

A contract was issued for the replacement of this equipment and it was awarded, in part, to ECS and its partner Landustrie, a leading manufacturer of Archimedes screw pumps.

When three Archimedes screw pumps at the inlet of Severn Trent Water’s Mansfield Sewage Treatment Works required replacement, NMCNomenca contacted ECS Engineering Services to source and install new pumps.

A recent project in South Yorkshire involved the replacement of four Archimedes screwpumps that had achieved over 30 years in service.

Shield Hall Archimedes screw pumps

Improving Pumping Efficiency with new Landustrie Pump

ECS has been installing and commissioning 14 new screw pumps at the Shieldhall water treatment works.

The new screw pump incorporates Landustrie’s fishfriendly design that has been proven to allow 98% of fish to pass through unharmed.