ECS Engineering has a long and successful history in maintaining and upgrading large water control structures across the UK for both government agencies and national utilities.

Reliable operation and efficient maintenance processes are essential characteristics of every large water control device. However, technology and safe working practices have moved on considerably since many of these structures were originally built and substantial improvements can be made with the correct approach.

The Environment Agency has awarded a number of high profile contracts to ECS Engineering, based on the cost effective approach to design and implementation as well as the company’s excellent safety at work record.

The experienced design engineers at ECS can put together a cost effective proposal that will utilise the in-house skills of the fabrication department as well as those of the expert electrical and mechanical site engineers.

Sluice gates form an essential part of the water control infrastructure and proper maintenance is vital if they are to continue to operate efficiently.

ECS has over 25 years’ experience in delivering complete refurbishment projects including the design, fabrication and installation of new equipment.

In a more recent example, ECS replaced a 26 tonne sluice gate with a new and improved design that will operate almost silently, much to the delight of the local residents.

Stoplogs perform an essential role when undertaking maintenance work on water control structures. They are installed to create temporary barriers that allow water to be pumped out from the area surrounding the water control equipment, enabling maintenance work to be completed without the need for a dive team.

ECS has delivered many stoplog solutions to local water authorities and the Environment Agency. More recently, ECS has installed one of the first adjustable stoplogs in the UK as part of a pumping station refurbishment project. This innovative product delivers significant cost savings due to the stoplog being able to be used on multiple sites when required.

Another recent project saw the installation of a semi-automated stoplog deployment system, which has seen the efficiency of maintenance operations at Colwick Sluice greatly improved with a 65% reduction in manpower and a 75% reduction in time as well improving overall safety.

Carrying out maintenance on tidal structures is naturally constrained by the tidal conditions and as such requires extensive planning and excellent coordination in order to deliver a successful project.

ECS has considerable experience in designing, fabricating and installing replacement equipment for tidal structures. These projects can be in remote locations, requiring well-planned logistics as well as excellent coordination between all of the concern parties.

Apart from the mechanical and structural aspects of a project, ECS is fully equipped to refurbish electrical systems and control infrastructure to improve control and functionality.

Several flood prevention schemes use radial gates to control water levels and proper maintenance ensures they continue to operate effectively when required. Many systems have a unique design and replacement parts often have to be custom made.

ECS has over 25 years’ experience in designing, fabricating and installing replacement equipment for these vital structures.

Using the latest laser surveying techniques allows ECS engineers to create precision-fit components that can be installed with improved lifting equipment and control gear.

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Old Windsor Radial wier Gates

Cookham Weir Gates

Romney Weir Radial Gates

Repainting Colwick sluice

ECS Engineering Services secured a contract to supply eight radial weir gates to the Environment Agency (EA) as part of a project to improve the Old Windsor Weir on the River Thames.

ECS were contacted by Jackson Civil Engineers, working for the Environment Agency to replace 10 weir gates and install two fish passes at Cookham Weir.

ECS Engineering Services has continued its work on the Environment Agency’s Romney Weir by fabricating nine radial gates for use at the facility.

ECS has been awarded a contract to repaint the structure on the River Trent to improve durability and reduce corrosion.

Romney Wier Radial gates

ECS was contracted to produce one 2.38m wide x 1.13m high and eight 2.68m wide x 4.43m high radial gates for installation by their in-house engineers at the weir.