Mansfield Archimedes Screw

When three Archimedes screw pumps at the inlet of Severn Trent Water’s Mansfield Sewage Treatment Works required replacement, NMCNomenca contacted ECS Engineering Services to source and install new pumps. As the exclusive UK service agent for Landustrie Archimedes screw pumps, ECS was able to replace the screws to bolster the water treatment infrastructure at the site.

Mapledurham InfraCore Road Bridge

The Environment Agency (EA) has awarded ECS Engineering Services, one of its framework contractors, with a project to design, build and install a new bridge in Mapledurham, near Reading. As the exclusive UK agent for FiberCore Europe, the proposed design from ECS will use proprietary technology to construct a strong, lightweight and durable structure using fibre reinforced polymer (FRP).

Fabrication Workshop Tour

ECS Engineering Services has moved from its original locations in Pinxton to a combined facility in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire. The new premises extend to 50,000 sq ft with a dedicated steel stock yard, a large steel fabrication area and generous office space for the design and project management teams.

Romney & Marlow Locks

As part of a £1.8 million investment in the refurbishment of a number of its assets along the River Thames, the Environment Agency (EA) has replaced the lock gates at both Romney and Marlow. This complex part of the project was delivered by ECS Engineering Services as a turnkey solution that involved considerable in-house design and steel fabrication work.

Recycled Plastic Bridge Installation

ECS Engineering Services, which has a number of framework contracts with the EA, was tasked with removing the existing footbridge and installing the new maintenance-free bridge designed and manufactured by ECS from recycled plastic and a steel sub-frame.  The new design has a very similar look to the original bridge but it is weather resistant, providing up to twice the anti-slip properties of wood, especially in wintery conditions.

Shropshire Groundwater Scheme

The Shropshire Groundwater Scheme (SGS) has been developed to maintain the water levels in the River Severn by pumping water from surface and groundwater storage either directly into the Severn or one of its major tributaries. The contract for maintaining the pumping stations and the equipment within them has been awarded to ECS Engineering Services on a rolling 5 year contract.

Automatic Weed Screens

Maintaining the land drainage scheme in Lincolnshire is an important task for the Environment Agency (EA) and the pumping stations used to control water levels are protected by weedscreens to prevent damage to the pumps. The equipment at the Dirtness station had been in service for over 60 years and was beginning to pose increased maintenance costs as well as potential health and safety concerns for the operators. The solution required the installation of a new, reliable system that would reduce the overall operating costs and improve safety.

Warmsworth Screw Installation

As part of a continuous improvement programme, Severn Trent Water identifies and replaces equipment that has reached the end of its service life. A recent project in South Yorkshire involved the replacement of four Archimedes screwpumps that had achieved over 30 years in service. The contract was delivered by ECS Engineering Services as a turnkey solution for the tier 1 contractor, NMCNomenca.

Daw Mill Colliery Mineshaft Cover

Following an underground fire, the Daw Mill colliery was closed in March 2013. Since then work has been underway to put the fire out and make the site safe, while also removing all of the above ground structures. A major part of this work has involved filling in the 2 mineshafts, which required a specially engineered cover plate to be constructed. This work has been undertaken by ECS Engineering Services in conjunction with JMC on behalf of the Coal Authority.

Erith Cycle Bridge

ECS Engineering Services has completed the turnkey delivery and installation of a new cycle / footbridge for a supermarket distribution centre in North London. The project came from the company’s long term relationship with Cauntons, which was the principal supplier of the steelwork for the construction of the new building.

National Coal Mining Museum

The National Coal Mining Museum for England has been offering visitors the chance to learn more about this ancient industry for over 25 years. As with most coal mines, there is a constant build up of water in the underground workings that makes its way to the old mineshafts. This water needs to be pumped out and treated before it is discharged into the local watercourse. ECS Engineering Services has been responsible for maintaining the pumps and the treatment works for the past 18 years and ensuring that the water levels remain under control.

Archimedes Screw Pump Solutions

ECS Engineering Services has announced greater UK coverage and support for the supply, installation and maintenance of Archimedes screw pumps. ECS has a long history and expertise in designing, fabricating, installing and maintaining water control structures and machinery, all of which are enhanced by its exclusive partnership with Landustrie, a leading manufacturer of Archimedes screw pumps and hydro-generators. The combined capabilities of ECS and Landustrie deliver a complete package which can be customised to suit the individual requirements of each customer.

Colwick Sluice

The Colwick Sluice in Nottingham is a key component of the flood defence apparatus designed to protect the city; one that the Environment Agency (EA) has been upgrading in order to improve the efficiency of essential maintenance work. As part of this project ECS Engineering Services has installed a new semi-automated stoplog deployment system which provides the EA with ‘dry’ access to the sluice gate mechanism, speeding up operations considerably.

River Idle Flood Gate Replacement

Having been in service for over 75 years, the tidal gate at West Stockwith in Nottinghamshire has been replaced as part of a continual improvement programme being carried out by the Environment Agency (EA). The project, which took just over 3 months to complete, was awarded to ECS Engineering Services as part of its framework agreement with the EA.

ECS Engineering Services utilises FRP to replace aging footbridge

ECS Engineering Services has recently replaced an aging timber pedestrian footbridge, located in Nazeing Marsh near Broxbourne, with a highly durable fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) alternative.

New Lift Bridge extends Stroud water navigation

ECS Engineering Services has completed a complex, turnkey project to install a new lifting road bridge over the waterway that will increase the navigable length of the Stroud water navigation and improve heavy goods access to the local businesses.

Modular weir gate design project at Cookham Weir

The Nottinghamshire based fabrication and water control experts were contacted by Jackson Civil Engineers, working for the Environment Agency to replace 10 weir gates and install two fish passes at Cookham Weir, ensuring the continued reliable control of water levels at the tourist hotspot for years to come.

River rescue procedures for maintenance project proven

ECS Engineering Services has been awarded a contract by the Environment Agency to repaint the metalwork of Colwick Sluice in Nottingham. In preparation for the work it has been necessary to construct complex scaffolding that will provide safe access to the water control structure. To demonstrate the importance of safety during this process, ECS commissioned a video to demonstrate the additional safety measures required for projects such as this.

York upgrades city centre flood defences

Residents and business owners in Fishergate in the centre of York are celebrating the completion of Phase 1 of the Foss Barrier upgrade project, which will protect them against winter flooding. Fabrications for the £17m project have been undertaken by ECS Engineering Services.

Upstream metalwork repainting uplifts Colwick Sluice

ECS Engineering Services has been continuing its renovation of Colwick Sluice in Nottinghamshire for the Environment Agency, by repainting the aging upstream steelwork at the site. The business has blasted and repainted I-beams and hand railings at the sluice on the River Trent, ensuring that the site is adequately protected from corrosion.

Lightweight bridge provides fast installation

Bridge maintenance and repair is essential to providing safe access across obstacles such as rivers and streams. For the Environment Agency, any replacement needs to provide long-term durability as well as being cost effective, which has led to the increasing use of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) structures delivered by ECS Engineering Services.

UK’s first Infracore FRP stoplog installed for Environment Agency

As part of its national programme to update and improve water control structures, the Environment Agency has specified a new stoplog design using fibre reinforced polymer (FRP). This has been installed in Wraysbury, Middlesex, by ECS Engineering Services, the new stoplogs will enable maintenance work to be completed on the river level control gate.

Environment Agency Short Ferry pumping station gets facelift

ECS Engineering Services has rebuilt the front façade of the main hall of Short Ferry Water Pumping Station on the River Witham, including replacing the aging steel frame windows with aluminium ones that open and close automatically to control ventilation.

ECS Engineering Services installs FRP bridge to span the River Brent

ECS Engineering Services has installed a public access bridge in Greenford, West London, as part of the River Brent Project regeneration scheme. Manufactured in fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) for long term durability and minimal environmental impact, the bridge was delivered on schedule and installed in one simple operation with ECS engineers on site for just four days to prepare the site, install the bridge and complete the project.