Feasibility reports

When you need someone to conduct a feasibility study and issue the accompanying feasibility report, ECS offers tailor-made solutions to suit your individual project needs. We can help you to determine cost-effectiveness, practicality, maintenance plans, projected lifetime costs, and other aspects of both new builds and remodels. A full cost-benefit analysis can help you to make the right decision before you decide how to proceed with your project.

Full Project Lifecycle Management & Dedicated Project Managers

From conception to completion, we offer full project lifecycle management in accordance with your project needs. We can provide assistance with everything from development to handover and closure to help your project proceed with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Excellent management can help to avoid delays and overruns, and save you valuable time and money, while ensuring that your project is completed on time and on budget. We also give every project we take on our full attention by assigning it a dedicated projects manager.


ECS provides comprehensive commissioning services that allow you to effectively monitor processes in order to detect commission-related issues before they can impact your building programme. Our dedicated commissioning services ensure that contractors adhere to approved methods and practices. We can witness tests on your key systems to ensure they meet or exceed requirements, as well as supervise all documentation and commissioning requirements.

Related Case Studies

Repainting Colwick sluice

Temple Lock refurbishment

ECS has been awarded a contract to repaint the structure on the River Trent to improve durability and reduce corrosion.

The project included replacement of the lock gate sluice valves, and timber fenders as well as installation of two new access ladders and refurbishment of the lock doors themselves.