We offer a full design, build and install package for structural steelwork projects, whether is for civil construction, building, architectural or free standing metal structural work. ECS has provided the steel work for some of the world’s most iconic venues, artworks, bridges, buildings and stadia, plus a huge range of small projects, both of which we are happy to take on.

Typical projects include:

  • Gantries and frameworks for the power generation industry.
  • Structural steel buildings across all market sectors.
  • Project size typically up to 1,500T.

We work as a direct supplier or as a fabrication service subcontractor to larger steel contractors requiring additional capacity, or where our skills can offer value to their projects. CNC sawing and drilling capabilities are matched with punches and plasma cutters offering both speed and precision. NSSS5 and ISO 1090 EXC3 standards are adopted throughout all our processes.